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1. Solidify our business concept and in turn reach out and interact with our target audience and customers

As we mentioned in our first post, the idea behind Mission has really grown since I initially pitched it to Jessie this past summer. We initially only intended it to be an extension of Silk and Cyanide – not it’s own business – but the more we discussed and planned, the reality of our ideas and dreams warranted an entirely new business structure.

We were and are excited to come to the decision to roll out a new business, but as it goes, when we fully answer one question we open the door to a whole new unanswered set. We don’t yet have all the answers – especially in terms of hiring, working with established organizations, and what our training will be comprised of. We realized and decided early on that we would leave the initial help efforts for women to the experts – so our current challenge is to find a way to establish a program that will compliment the organizations already in place – not compete.

Some of the research needs to be done on our end and with the help of lawyers and our current and future connections with non-profits that work within the sex trade. But another piece of research that will help us solidify this business best is based on feedback, ideas, thoughts – both good and bad (but not mean, please!) from YOU!

Our concept is born from an idea that fashion doesn’t have to be one dimensional – based on trends and throw away “fast” fashion. It’s obvious at this point that people are starting to increase their consumer awareness – the organic world has grown tremendously in the past few years and has expanded beyond just food into clothing and accessories. Here at Mission, we appreciate sustainable fashion and our taking our own route within the category to focus on sustainable, realistic manufacturing – that provides stable jobs and realistic livable incomes. We think it’s a great idea and that there is support out there – but we want to find you and see what you think and what can make our great idea even better, so we can get consciousness product to you sooner!

As promised in our original New Years Resolution post, we decided to dedicate separate posts to each goal. This is the first in a series of four.