Welcome to the official blog of Mission Fashion! 

Jessie and I (Kristen), the co-founders of Mission, have decided to bring this blog to life to connect with our friends, future friends, and those who inspire us – to share our ideas, thoughts, and the stories behind Mission. We also hope this blog will be a platform for feedback and a larger conversation about fashion, sustainability, good design, and creating a better life for ourselves and those around us. 

While the idea for this blog only came about just a few months ago, this project of ours seems long overdue. Jessie and I have known each other most of our lives and have been close friends for more than a decade. Just about anyone who knows us can tell you that I’ve been waiting to unleash my entrepreneurial fashion ambitions for twice that long while she’s been masterminding ways to save the world. (Who said young and idealistic was a bad thing??) In any case, we thought the official launch of our blog would be the perfect way to bring to an end what has been a most busy and productive 2011. We’re excited to share our successes, passions, and challenges  and look forward to hearing yours as well.

So what is Mission Fashion? Mission is  a semi-vertically integrated business with in-house manufacturing and a soon-to-come retail shop featuring a solid assortment of new and established designers (including my own line, Silk and Cyanide! 🙂 ) This combination will allow us to both foster burgeoning designers and train and hire socioeconomically disadvantaged women. We believe in good design, but think the fashion world could use a few tweaks… without compromising style, of course. (We cringe at the thought of throw-away fashion and sweatshop labor.)  We believe that it is through lowering the barriers to entry for new designers (particularly by developing an affordable manufacturing business) that we can bring a  more socially conscious and diverse group of people to the table. It is by doing so that we can improve design, create new opportunities for otherwise disadvantaged women, and *hopefully* make you feel good about it all in the process. We are excited for what awaits in 2012, and delighted to have you along for the ride!